Studybuddy is closing down.

Studybuddy was a service I spun up as a class project during my first year at UC Berkeley in 2018. After the course ended, I kept it running for a while because I noticed a few classmates continuing to use it. But with a full list of side projects to maintain, Studybuddy wasn't top of mind for me to keep up and running indefinitely, and for people looking for study mates, there were (obviously) better options on the market.

Studybuddy has stayed up for the last three years, mostly because I haven't had the time to update the app or take it down officially. But with a trickle of new people using Studybuddy and the prevalence of spam and abuse, I've chosen to stop maintaining Studybuddy.

If you've tried Studybuddy in the past, thank you! And if you want to keep track of what I'm currently building, you can find me at, tinkering away.

- Linus, Studybuddy